Workshops & Webinars

Prior Webinars can be found as Webinar Replays.

Oct 2017: Finding Your Hook, with Kathryn Craft 

Nov 2017: Social Media Tips and Ideas for Authors with Maggie Giles

Dec 2017: Tips on how to Approach Revisions with Tiffany Yates Martin

Jan 2018: Query Tips and Best Practices with Laura Drake

Feb 2018: Deconstructing your Favorite Novels with Sheila Athens

 Replays are free to access by WFWA members. 


March 11-23 Master Workshop: The Elements of Timeless Storytelling with Donald Maass (March)

Learn how to adapt and apply elements from the classics to your contemporary fiction.

Donald Maass will teach lessons derived from time-tested literature that will guide writers to utilize the force of these story elements: 

  • knowing narrators
  • driving desires
  • riddles and plights
  • impossible tasks
  • “enchanted” lands
  • magical and surprising secondary characters.


Please note this is a master class designed for experienced fiction writers. This class will repeat in May, 2018. You can only sign up once.

Registration opens February 5. Class fee of $60. For WFWA Members only. Limited to first 40 participants to register.

Thursday March 29: Creating Dynamic Characters with Heather Webb

Creating dynamic characters with rich internal worlds can be a challenging task--we are, after all, complex and paradoxical at our core as people. Emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and motivations all play a part in understanding our characters in a deep, meaningful way. So, too, must we understand ourselves. Learn how to tease apart these complicated personal effects, and how to channel into the heart of your protagonist.

Heather Webb is the international bestselling author of historical novels Becoming Josephine, Rodin’s Lover, and Last Christmas in Paris, which have been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, France Magazine and more, as well as received national starred reviews. In 2015, Rodin’s Lover was selected as a Goodreads Top Pick. To date, Heather’s novels have sold in multiple countries worldwide. She is also a professional freelance editor, foodie, and travel fiend. She lives in New England with her family and one feisty rabbit.

You can find her at, Twitter: @msheatherwebb, Facebook, Instagram @msheatherwebb 

Registration opens March 13. Free to all WFWA members.

April 18: Getting to Know (and USE!) Instagram & Pinterest with Tasha Seegmiller

Tasha will help you understand the purpose behind Instagram & Pinterest, and then walk you, step by step, through how (and why) to use each of these platforms.

Tasha Seegmiller believes in the magic of love and hope, which she weaves into every story she creates. A co-founder of Thinking Through Our Fingers, she is the managing editor of the writing-focused website as well as a contributor to Writers in the Storm. She is passionate about helping women nourish their creativity. The former high school English teacher now assists in managing the award-winning project-based learning program (EDGE) at Southern Utah University. Tasha married a guy she’s known since she was seven and is the mom of three teens. She is represented by Annelise Robey of Jane Rotrosen Agency. You can find Tasha on her Web SiteInstagram, PinterestFacebook and Goodreads.

Registration opens April 2. Free to WFWA members.

May 6 - 18 Master Workshop: The Elements of Timeless Storytelling with Donald Maass (May).

A repeat of the March workshop. Limited to 40 participants in each workshop. 

June 2018 Prepare your Pitch Workshop

Based on the Grabbing the Reader Workshop, participants will prepare, critique and hone your pitches. A great opportunity to get feedback from other writers on your pitch in advance of the agent pitch day in July, or just a chance to keep honing your pitch writing skills. 

July 2018 Agent Pitch Day

Once a year for a full 24 hours, members can pitch one women’s fiction manuscript, and within one week, agents reply to the posts they would like to pursue with what they want to see.

This is a FREE, members-only event, but due to overwhelming popularity, the event is capped at 80 registrants. In the weeks prior to registration, participating agents’ information will be posted.  

*Title and dates subject to change.

Prior 2018 workshops

January 22-25 Grabbing the Reader 

No matter how much time we spend writing our books, we need to grab the reader right away with our first pages, whether it be an agent, editor or potential customer. Do your first pages get the job done?

Post your first two pages (500 words) and get honest, helpful, anonymous feedback from other WFWA members on whether they’ve been ‘grabbed’. In return, you’ll give the same to at least five other members who post their pages. 

This workshop is free for all WFWA members.