2015 Rising Star Results

The Rising Star Contest has once again uncovered many rising stars!

The 2015 WFWA contest committee would like to first thank the generous published authors who gave their time and shared their wisdom during the first round judging. And huge thanks to the agents who supported and encouraged this contest dedicated to women’s fiction.

This year, for the first time, we’re announcing the winners both live at the first ever WFWA Retreat in Albuquerque, New Mexico and on the website.

Now drum roll please …

The winners of the 2015 Rising Star Contest for Unpublished Manuscripts

First Place
Saudade by Kristin Pedroja

Second Place
The Edge of the Ocean by Lisa Duffy

Third Place
One Step Forward by Kasey Ferris

I Hold the Wind by Erin Bartels
Soundtracks of Separation by Layla Denny
What’s Left Untold by Sherri Leimkuhler

There were several requests for full manuscripts from the final judges.

The Rising Star’s second year has been another resounding success, and the committee would like to thank everyone involved.

See you next year – polish those manuscripts!